Greenwich University


Greenwich students do not just join a university; they join lifelong fold called ‘Greenwich Fraternity’ that understands the value of loyalty and unconditional support. Therefore, well-being and safety of students, faculty & staff would remain a paramount objective of the university.

Emerge as a global institution promoting academic excellence to complement knowledge-based economies around the world.
Nurture the competence and character of future leaders through quality education to realize transformative sustainable development.
  •   Impart quality education employing modern pedagogic techniques to ensure holistic training of graduates;
  •   Encourage lifelong learning to ensure continuum of quality assurance across learning processes;
  •   Encourage meaningful research and fee inquiry governed by commitment to the pursuit of truth;
  •   Nurture the competence and character of future leaders for individual and societal reformation; and,
  •   Create a socially responsible environment which responds to the needs of both people and the planet for sustainable development
Teaching, Research, Understanding, Scholarship, Transformation (TRUST)
  • Teaching: Teaching through innovation and modern pegagogies
  • Research: Research and meaningful inquiry
  • Understanding: Understanding of problems leading to solutions
  • Scholarship: Scholarly culture
  • Transformation: Transformation of society through education
Vision and Mission